Things to Know About the C-HR, a Recently Developed Crossover From Toyota

Consumers in the market for a compact SUV or crossover that has a bold new design may be interested in the toyota c-hr. BBC Topgear calls the appearance of this car polarizing, predicting that some consumers will want this vehicle quite badly because of the styling. In addition, a hybrid version is available overseas and should appear on the market in the United States in the future. It’s not entirely clear what the c-hr stands for, but the consensus seems to be Coupe High Rider.

Toyota and the United States

Toyota is a fascinating case in point when it comes to global vehicle manufacturing and the best-selling cars in the United States. People who are essentially unfamiliar with vehicle production probably think of Toyota as a Japanese manufacturer, and that is technically true. However, Toyota has a divisional headquarters and several factories in this country.

To qualify an automobile as “made in the USA,” uses the criteria that at least 75 percent of the components are made in this country and the vehicle is assembled there as well. Following these guidelines, some of the top-selling American-made vehicles are Toyota models. They include the Camry, Sienna, Tundra and Avalon. It responded to booming U.S. demand for its automobiles by constructing factories in North America, since shipping vehicles overseas is expensive.

Toyota and Other Regions

Toyota also builds vehicles in Asia, Europe, Canada and Mexico. Interestingly, the c-hr is manufactured in Turkey as well as in Japan. It was first sold in Japan in late 2016 and in other countries in early 2017. The car comes in several colors, such as shades of blue, red, silver and black.

A Strong Demand

Why is there such a strong demand for Toyota products? Consumers appreciate the reliability and stylish design of Toyota cars, pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles, making the brand a continual presence on “most popular” lists. That reliability includes not only having the reputation for not breaking down, but also the manufacturer making sure Toyota parts are readily available. In addition, Toyota makes sure that professional maintenance and repairs are affordable for consumers who prefer this brand.