Customize Your Classic Car – Paint Your Own Rims


Paint your own Rims? Who would have thought something previously done by professionals could be done in your own home.

While, the concept of painting your own rims has been around a few years now, many questions pop up of how to do it and I thought I would share my own experiences with painting my Integra stock rims. I have read up many examples of how to do this, but my first time trying was this year when I chose to refinish my winter rims. I was quite please with the outcome.

First, what the hell do you need to paint your rims? Paint of course 🙂 This is where Duplicolor comes in with their wheel paint. They offer paint colors to match your style coming in white, gunmetal, classic silver and bronze as well. I chose to do mine in gunmetal leaving my lip the stock polished style look. So here are your options:

So you chose your color, bought your paint and are semi-ready. First, you need to sand

New Technology in Tyres

Tyres don’t seem even remotely complex on the surface. Rubber, steel belts and air, not much technology involved here, right? This may have been the case decades ago, especially in regards to the consumer market, but it isn’t the case any longer, not by a longshot.

In recent years tyre manufacturers have been implementing completely new concepts in tire construction. These concepts create more durable, higher performance and safer products that are every bit as important as any other advancement in automobiles.

This article will review some of the newest advancements in tyre technology as well as the designs and engineering principles that are expected to become industry standards in the near future.

Advances in Pneumatic Tyres

Pneumatic tyres are the industry standard for all consumer vehicles. Early rubber tyres were solid, however, ever since John Dunlop designed the first pneumatic tyre in 1888, the world embraced this form of tyre, in spite of the durability of solid rubber, they were downright uncomfortable.

In approximately 455 factories around the world over 1 billion tyres are produced every year containing the same basic ingredients; rubber, carbon black and various chemicals.

Tyres are constructed on a drum and cured in a press under heat and pressure. The

Peak Power Inverter

If you are looking to restore your power in case of a power outage, you may consider to purchase a Power Inverter. There is always a possibility for a major storm to hit your area which may cause major power outages

You do not want to be caught off guard and without power once a storm hits in your area as this will cause you a great amount of stress. There are several option for you to consider in order to be prepared in a case of an emergency.

Do you recall the last time you were without power and much of your precious food spoiled or someone caught a cold and worse yet, there was a freeze-up and you had no way to get heat into your home?

There are several options for you to be prepared. You may either purchase a generator or a Peak Power Inverter that you may plug into a vehicle battery. You would plug an extension cord that is attached to the battery of your vehicle into the Inverter.

With this Power Inverter you may then plug your refrigerator, a small appliance, some lights, a portable heater, a sump pump or such items into the Inverter. You

6 Reasons to Purchase a Minivan

Your search will be automatically directed to the larger-capacity vehicles. Of all the Duncanville Dodge cars to choose from, here are six reasons why a new minivan could be the best choice for you.


Minivans are much more spacious than they appear. Seating seven or eight passengers is a breeze, especially when young children are involved. They’re also designed in such a way that getting to the back row is also easy. A minivan is the perfect way to get a vehicle that seats more people without sacrificing fuel efficiency and size.


It’s known that minivans are ideal for families with small children. The interior provides a lot more space than a small car, but the manufacturers add features that make it simple and enjoyable to drive with youngsters. Sliding doors are easy to use, and they prevent your children from dinging the doors of the cars parked next to you. Power sliding doors make getting into the car so much easier especially when you have your hands full. The low vehicle base also makes it easy for children to climb in and out of.


Ignore the cliché that minivans are only good for soccer moms. Minivans have a sleek body

Autos of Italy: Summer tour will feature Italy’s auto factories, museums and historic venues

Home to names like Zagato, Pagani, Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini and Fiat, it’s difficult to dispute Italy’s place in automotive history. Classic car lovers can quench their thirst for Italy’s finest marques by joining “Passion Sculpted in Steel: Italian Automobile Design,” a VIP tour of the country’s auto factories, museums and historic venues, May 7-17. The tour will be hosted by Jonathan Stein, longtime automotive historian and Executive Editor of Hagerty Classic Cars magazine.

“As someone who’s been part of the hobby for 35-plus years and who’s traveled to Europe many times, it’s exciting to see these sites through the eyes of newcomers,” Stein said. “I love being able to help travelers get into places and see things they might not see if they were traveling on their own, and enrich their experience any way I can.

“It’s also flattering to see the familiar faces of repeat travelers, which confirms that they enjoy what we’re doing.”

Travelers will trace the history of legendary Italian innovators in a variety of ways. Among the highlights:

  • Tour of the factory floors of Maserati and Pagani.
  • Tour of the Pininfarina Studios, designers of some of the most beautiful cars the world has ever seen.
  • Visit to the new Enzo Ferrari Museum

Ride your Bicycle in Comfort with Right Bike Fit

If you want to enjoy your bicycle ride for longer, right bicycle fit isnecessary. At the time of choosing or buying a bicycle, you need to ensure that it fits right to give you great comfort. For a proper bike fit, you need to focus on the saddle, brake levers, stem, handlebars, hoods, pedals, shoes, and cleats.

1. Standover Height :

While choosing a cycle, you need to focus on its standover heights. It should be correctly sized as per your leg length, and needs to be highly flexible. If you are choosing a road bike, there should be 1-inch of clearance between the ground and tires. If choosing mountain bike (having full suspension) the clearance between the ground and tires should 1-2 inches.

2. Handlebar :

It is the most variable factor, depending greatly on your flexibility. When your hands are on the hoods or drops, a minor angle at the elbow is required. If your bike is new, you need long steered tube with 2 inches of spacers, beneath the stem. You can rotate the spacers, up or down, for your comfort fit.

3. The height of the Seat :

There should be a slight bend in your

4 Essential Tips to Follow While Driving With Your Children

Driving is an art in itself, and it requires necessary driving skills and the knowledge of the traffic rules to have a safe drive to your destination. Most people these days take up driving lessons from professional driving schools and thus are trained to take care of the car and other passengers while on the road. You may one of those who often drive your car all the way to your workplace and often take along your children to their school or simply out on an outing. As you are the one in charge of driving, your children are your responsibility.

Quite often you would notice the fact that parents due to their commitments try and multitask. They tend to do several chores all at once and thus often accomplish and at times do not. If you are one of those parents who follow the same paths, remember not to do the same while you drive. Driving is a risky task, and it thus makes your lives risky. Here are a few tips that could help you have a safe trip with your children aboard no matter where you go.

• Avoid using the phone

Even if you have to attend

How To Choose The Motor Oil for Your Car

Basics of Choosing Motor Oil for Your Car

Choosing the most suitable motor oil for your car is the aspect that should not be disregarded. This is because not all the oil types fit one and the same vehicle and some of them may even affect the way the auto will function. There are a few important questions you need to answer before shopping for the best engine oil brand. These questions concern the type of the vehicle you own, its age, manufacturer’s guidelines and the weather conditions that prevail in your location.

To start with, it is essential to recollect the type of engine oil you have been using before. If you have never inquired about this issue or if this is the first time you have to change the motor oil, then it makes sense to find out what engine oil you used before. Having found that out, analyze how exactly your car functioned when you used the oil. If everything was all right and you didn’t have to fix the engine problems, then you don’t have to look for another motor oil.

The next point that is worth consideration is checking the type of oil recommended by the manufacturer.

Once Around

Several years after my first attempt of riding a motorcycle around , I was finally able to pull it off. One participant on this motorcycle tour was an Italian, Salvatore Pizzo. He was an excellent motorcycle rider who one year ago, just for fun, tagged along on his motorcycle behind the entire Paris-Dakar Rally without any support or sponsorship of any kind. So for Salvatore, ASIAN MOTORCYCLE ADVENTURES Trans- Expedition was a piece of cake.

We spent one night on this motorcycle tour in an Iban longhouse. It would have been two nights but our canoe capsized getting there and we lost most of our belongings, but this is material for another story.

The Ibans entertained us that night with ancestral songs and dance, and a display of their traditional fighting technique. But Salvatore is a 4th degree black-belt and gave the Ibans a karate demonstration that made their eyes pop out. Salvatore later told me he had to tone down his display because he was afraid he would put his foot right through their flimsy bamboo flooring. He had additional trouble with his demonstration because he had already drunk around 20 shots of their home-made rice wine.

There are much safer places

Make Your Old Cycle Run Super-fast with Cycle Repairing Services

If you’re a cyclist, you will have to contact a cycle repairing shop at some point of your life. Most of the owners of such shops either have a passion to ride the cycle or they hire some technicians who have that passion. You may get a cycle repairing shop even in your locality. But, how good is it? That’s the most important question to which you have to find the answer before spending your fortune there.

We are here to help you by giving some ideas about the qualities of a good repairing shop. Check it out.

  • The appearance of the shop: Although we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, yet appearance matters. If the shop is untidy and unkempt, and all the tools are scattered here and there, it will automatically fall in your esteem. On the contrary, if the shop has organized the things nicely, well stocked merchandise, and is brightly lit, then you will surely like it at a first glance. Find out whether they have a broad selection of cycles like the evans cycles and are efficient to provide service to all kinds of cycles.
  • Technical know-how of the staff: Try to talk to one