8 Steps After You Get In An Accident

Chances are, either you or someone you know has been in a car accident. This can be a trying time, because you are afraid that someone may have gotten hurt, and are also worried about what is going to happen next. There are key steps you have to follow when in a car accident. These steps will allow you to make sure that your insurance company can help you as much as possible, while also protecting yourself by making sure you have a perfect account of what happened.

1. Pull Off the Road and Stay At the Scene

If possible, you should get off the road and away from traffic, so you make it safe for yourself and other drivers. Make sure you stay at the scene. If there are injuries to the other driver and you leave, you may get charged with a hit and run.

2. Make Sure Everyone is OK

After you get your car to a safe location, check yourself and anyone else in your car for injuries. If no one is seriously injured, put your hazard lights on and get out of the car. Check and see if anyone in the other vehicle needs medical attention. If anyone in either vehicle needs medical assistance then you should call an ambulance right away.

3. Call the Police

Then before anything else you should call the police. It is always good to call the police, even though you are not required to do so, because it helps keep documentation on the accident that can be corroborated by someone other than you. This helps protect you in case the other driver is injured or the insurance companies need extra documentation.

4. Exchange Insurance Information

You need to do this in every case because it helps your insurance companies figure out who pays for damages. If you misplaced your insurance card, there is no need to worry. In the event the police are called, you can bring your insurance card to them in a predetermined amount of time.

5. Take Pictures

You should take pictures of all the damage. This means to your car and theirs. This is evidence you can use to prove your side of the story if the other driver decides to take you to court. It will also stand as proof that can help your claim be accepted.

6. Inform Your Insurance Company

You should call your insurance company as soon as possible. You need to tell them everything that happened and you need to be honest. If the insurance company finds out you lied, they could deny your claim and you would be left with the complete responsibility of paying for the repairs yourself.

7. Get A Police Report

The police report will be proof of everything that happened in the accident. Because a police report is filled out by a completely ambiguous person, you can have a true claim of exactly what happened. This also means that the other driver cannot deny anything in the report, so they cannot lie and keep you from being covered for the damages.

8. If Your Car Needs Repair

If your car has been badly damaged in this accident, you will most likely need to get in touch with an auto body shop. Make sure you choose a reputable shop who can offer you the best service at a fair price. Find a body shop that will get your collision repair done right the first time. At this point, you’ve been through enough, make getting your car repaired as easy as possible by putting it in trusted hands.